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Reduce Your Pay-Per-Click Ad Costs by 97%

We use pattern recognition Machine Learning to identify your quickest path to profit. We run ads to these people and reduce your ad costs by 97%, and reduce acquisition costs up to 75%.




We can market to people actively pursuing your service across any platform, on any device. Our channels include the platforms that dominate our mobile devices, radio, and television. Which channel we use depends on what is the optimal route to reach your customer.

The Best Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing and advertising, you can't just run an ad and hope for the best. You may get a couple leads, but if you truly want to see a dramatic impact on both your audience and bottom line, you need a proven methodology and system that produces dramatic results.  ​

All of our marketing and advertising campaigns are designed, tested, and improved based on behavioral psychology for the absolute best ROI.

The Best Process

Instead of focusing on what you want—we get inside your prospect's thought process and figure out what they want. 

Understanding your customer is the first step for a successful marketing campaign. We determine their problems, pain points, motivations, and values. Using this understanding we are able to create value laden marketing campaigns that have an impact on your bottom line.

The Best Tech.

Our exclusive A.I. technology focuses on prospects actively pursuing exactly what you sell. These people are your quickest path to profit. They're your best probability of profit. They're the best use of your limited resources for profit.

You've probably dealt with non-exclusive or junk leads from 3rd party providers or even Facebook. Because we focus on people who are actively pursuing what you sell, our leads and prospects are the best quality possible and eager to speak with you.

The Best Results

By eliminating the haystack and focusing on the 3% of the market who is actively pursuing a purchase or sale of a property, we eliminate 97% of your wasted marketing budget. This creates a better data-set and a much higher quality prospect.


When you decrease costs by such a large amount, and increasing the quality of your audience, you can expect your cost-per-acquisition to drop anywhere from 25-75%.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Youtube Ads
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • Banner Ads

What can Churchill Consultations do for your business?


Drive Valuable Actions

Our clients don't have a dollar to waste. With our exclusive technology, we successfully eliminate wasted ad budgets.

97% reduction in ad costs

25-75% reduction in acquisition costs

Breakthrough Results

Most marketing agencies focus on the company; we focus on the customer. We use behavioral psychology to strengthen your message, value proposition, and overcome roadblocks in your customers journey. 

Conversion Marketing

Value Proposition 

Customer Research 

Customer Journey Analysis

Continual Improvement

Adequacy is the enemy of excellence. We are constantly in search of a better result for our clients, and are always testing, improving, optimizing our strategies for maximum ROI. 

A/B Testing

A.I. Optimization 

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