The Most Overlooked Real Estate Marketing Strategy (*hint* It's Not Facebook Ads)

Real estate is a highly competitive industry, and if you want to get ahead you have to get creative. Over the past few years, realtors have become aware of the power digital marketing can have on their bottom line, if done correctly.

But with all the attention on Facebook, realtors are overlooking a highly important facet of a digital marketing strategy. ....& it's ripe for the picking.

What I'm referring Search Engine Optimization. SEO.

SEO may not have the same sex appeal as Facebook, but it's equally as powerful. Arguably more, and I'll explain why.

A Search Engine Optimization strategy will make your website pop-up first when prospects are searching for realtors, and 95.3% of clicks go to the top four spots. (Blue Corona)

Let that sink in. 95%.

That's HUGE.

And if you can get your site on the first page of the SERPs (Search Engine Results Page[s]) you'll have tons of organic leads coming in around the clock.

So it's easy to see why realtors would want to optimize their websites with a comprehensive SEO strategy, right? Well, the market is saying otherwise. If you Google real estate companies in your area, you'll see tons of mismanaged, broken websites that don't look like they're even being used anymore. *Enter the savvy realtor*

Now, normally Search Engine Optimization is highly competitive and takes time and effort to see tangible results, but with the neglect it's currently experiencing from local competitors, now is the time to double-down on SEO efforts. With everyone focusing on Facebook and paying absolutely no attention to SEO, it becomes much easier for realtors to steal the top spot from their competition and begin seeing organic leads come through their website.

- & people don't just visit websites to kill some time. They visit websites when they're interested in buying, or are at least considering a transaction.

Think about the behavior behind a search. When someone types "Best Realtor Near Me" into Google, it's not because they're curious. It's because they want to buy or sell a home, or are at least considering it....and looking for someone to guide them through the process/answer any questions they may have.

When you're the realtor that is helping them solve their problem, you're likely going to be the solution.

So how can a realtor improve their marketing strategy through SEO? It takes some time and effort, but here are steps you can take to improve your rank.

1. Keyword Research

You'll want to look up generic keywords and long-tail phrases people are searching for, so when they do a search your site pops up. These can be as simple (generic) as "Best Realtor Near Me" or long-tail phrases like "What's the best way to increase my homes value before selling?"

You can use these free tools to understand what people are searching for!

Google Keyword Planner - Great for keywords & Google Ad Campaigns

Google Trends - Allows you to see popular keywords and searches

AnswerThePublic - Perfect for long-tail phrases and insight for context around searches

Google Correlate - I figured Google Correlate is worth mentioning. It shows you the correlation between keywords, so you can determine if the content you're including on your site has actual relevance or makes sense to include together.

2. Keyword Density

Once you understand what people are searching for and questions they're asking online, you can begin optimizing your site around your prospects. The most important aspect of your business is your customer, so everything you do must be tailored to their needs. When a person conducts a search online, Google searches the sites it has indexed to find relevant content in relation to what they're searching for. By including the keywords in your SEO description, meta-tags, and in the content of the site itself, Google will determine your site is relevant to the search and show it to users.

3. Optimize Page Titles

If your prospect is searching for information on how to sell their home, you don't want them to click on your page and have info. about increasing home value. While selling a home and increasing the value seem related, if it isn't exactly what they're looking for they're going to leave and go to another page instead of searching for what they want.

Make sure your page titles describe exactly what the page is about so there is no confusion.

4. Killer Headlines

The more someone clicks through your content and the longer they stay on the page, the more relevant Google will consider your content and increase your ranking over time.

If you're creating an information dense blog, a killer headline will encourage the reader to click through and consume your content. This will lead to higher rankings in the future and even more eyeballs on your stuff. It's a feedback loop.

5. Page Speed

Have you ever landed on a page, and after waiting a few seconds for the page to load, you get frustrated and decide to go somewhere else? Your audience experiences the exact same thing. You want your website and pages to be highly responsive to reduce load time. This leads to a better user experience and higher rankings.

You can increase your page speed by either a.) paying for more bandwidth from your domain provider b.) eliminating all the unnecessary elements from the page.

6. Update Regularly

Make it a priority to publish fresh content and stay on top of market trends. Fresh content gives you data regarding what your audience responds to. You can use this information to reinvent and elaborate on what your audience loves. Publishing quality, relevant content is far more important than a lot of mediocre blogs.

Deliver quality to your audience, and Google will reward you for it.

6. Track Results

Google Search Console allows you to track your progress and monitor the traffic that comes to your site, what terms people were searching for, and the pages people land on the most. This gives you valuable insight into what acts as a catalyst, and how you can further improve your search engine rank.

These are just a few ways you can improve your SEO and Search Engine Rank. If I were a realtor, I would be all over this right now.

It's the perfect way to create organic leads, and absolutely nobody is paying attention to it right now. Go right when everybody is going left.

If you'd like to save yourself time and have a professional handle your SEO, feel free to reach out. We'd love to help!

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