Tauberg Chiropractic: Chiropractic Excellence in Pittsburgh

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

One of the best parts about running a marketing agency is having the opportunity to connect with other entrepreneurs and learning about their businesses.

We spoke with Alex Tauberg, the owner of Tauberg Chiropractic, about his business and approach to content marketing. Alex runs one of the highest rated chiropractic offices in Pittsburgh; he has numerous awards for his excellence and dedication to patient-focused outcomes. He's always publishing thought-provoking, educational content for his audience, so we wanted to pick his brain regarding his approach—and what he aims to achieve for his audience. After sitting down for a coffee it was clear Alex is a true professional and is constantly seeking a better outcome for his clients.

Below is a quick Q&A regarding his business, how he decides what content he puts out to educate his audience, and what he aims for when working with chiropractic clients in Pittsburgh.

Thanks for connecting with us Alex; tell us a little bit about your practice and background:


Thanks for having me Cody. I was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area. I went to Fox Chapel Area High School. After high school moved to St. Petersburg, FL. where I went to Eckerd College and then National University of Health Sciences for grad school. As many Pittsburghers are I’m a huge sports fan.

- Love the Penguins, Steelers, and Pitt.

In my free time I play hockey or spend time with my girlfriend and family. Other than that you can usually find me at my office which I opened in 2017. My goal is to get people out of pain and back to enjoying their favorite activities by providing personalized evidence-based care. 

Where is your office located?

I’m located in the Harmar area. I provide care for the Fox Chapel, Oakmont, and Lower Valley areas of Pittsburgh.



People are always looking for the “best chiropractor near me.” Tell us about the two awards you just won; Top 3 Chiropractors in Pittsburgh and the Best Chiropractors in Pittsburgh for expertise?

Expertise.com and Threebestrated.com are both websites that help people in various cities in the US find reputable businesses. They list businesses by category. From my understanding, they go through and evaluate the businesses in the local areas and then depending on that evaluation they then award the best businesses with a spot on their list. Expertise.com tries to give a comprehensive list of all the best in an area while Threebestrated.com just shows the three best rated. 


How does a chiropractor help people overcome their injuries?


Well, I can’t speak for all chiropractors but my goal is to reduce the amount of pain perceived, return the injured area to movement, and then progress through more movements to improve mobility, strengthen, and finally stabilize the area. This is done through an assortment of treatments including therapeutic exercise, educational advise, soft tissue therapy, mobilization, and manipulation. 


Dealing with the spine can be intimidating for some people. Are chiropractors safe?


In general yes the treatments that chiropractors provide are safe, but not all chiropractors are created equally. When looking for a chiropractor do your due diligence. A high-quality provider regardless of degree should be doing a thorough examination to make sure that treatment is safe and to determine the best type of treatment for you. This is just as true for chiropractors as it is for your medical doctor. If the chiropractor you go to is skimping on your exam it’s a pretty good sign that you shouldn’t be there. 


Let’s say I’m experiencing some back pain. How do I know when I need to see a chiropractor? How often should I visit a chiropractor if I have an injury?


Experiencing back pain is a part of life. A lot of the time back pain resolves on its own. You should go see a chiropractor when your pain isn’t resolving, when it has a big impact on you performing your daily activities, or when it’s severe in nature.


For an acute injury, a trial of care of 2-3 visits a week spanning 2-4 weeks is often appropriate.


Do you work with chiropractic clients without insurance, or is it necessary?


My office is self-pay so I do not take insurance. I practice this way so I can spend more time with a patient which allows me to provide them with a higher quality of care then I otherwise would be able to. I find that this usually helps my patients improve faster.



We see you write a lot of sports-related topics. Do you work with Pittsburgh athletes specifically or do you work with someone with a work-related spinal injury also?


I work with a wide variety of patients from all walks of life and enjoy helping anyone who I can get back to living their life and enjoying their favorite activities. Those activities can be sports-related but they don’t have to be. 


With that said I do greatly enjoy working with athletes and have additional training to work with that population. 


What are the most common spinal injuries you see? 


By far the most common condition to present to my office is back pain and most often that back pain is the result of a muscular strain. I also commonly see patients with pain that comes from their discs, joints, nerve roots, or myofascial tissue. 



How could people avoid these spinal injuries in the first place?


The best way to avoid back pain, or at least limit the effect it has on you, is to build a strong and healthy core. This is true for pretty much all types of back pain including muscular strains. 


You cover a variety of topics in your blog and on your site. How do you decide what chiropractic topics you want to educate your audience on? 


I suppose most of my blogs are either based on questions that I have recently been asked or something that has been on my mind. Unfortunately, my blog is not more organized than that. Deciding what to write about or when to write something is usually a pretty spur of the moment type of thing. 


In general, my goal with my blog posts is to educate the public on what is considered the latest in evidence-based care. 


Are they questions your clients typically ask you, or are they topics you have on your mind?


Yes, both. Like I said there’s no method to the madness, unfortunately. Just whatever I think might be helpful at that particular time.



What do you hope to achieve for viewers when you’re creating content for your site? What is your approach?

My main goal with my content is to educa