Is It Time To Fix Your Website?

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Your website is often the first point of contact between you and new customers.

If your website looks like it's from the 90's, is hard to use, or just plain ugly--you could be driving away people who were otherwise looking to make a purchase!

It also signals to your prospects that you’re out of touch, and likely aren’t up to speed in other aspects of your business.

It's 2019 people!

Your website is the silent ambassador of your brand.

It works around the clock.

It never takes a day off.

It never calls in sick.

You need to stop neglecting your online employee, and treat it like the highly valued star player it is!

Visitors come to your website to learn about your brand, how you could help solve a problem they're currently facing, and what you bring to the table.

Your website is taking your prospects on a first date.

- First impressions are very important, and you want yours to be a good one, don't you?

Make it count!

Ask yourself -- do you think your potential customer's first interaction with your company is leaving them frustrated, confused, and with a headache?

Be honest...

If you think your customer's first impression isn't up to par with the quality of your company and service, you should consider a redesign and improving your user experience!

What Is User Experience?

The way your prospects feel about your website is known as "User Experience," or UX.

The UX is influenced by the design, simplicity, and ease of use. These all play into the impression and experience your website leaves on your visitors.

-- and unfortunately, I have bad news for you.

If your first impression on a web visitor is a bad one, they are 88% less likely to return a second time.

Not good!

Quick Facts About UX

  • Judgments on website credibility are 75% based on a website’s overall aesthetics.

  • 94% of First Impressions are Based on Design

  • Users Believe Your Mobile Site Should Be Better Than Your Desktop

What Should I Do To Fix My UX?

Hire A Professional!

The best option would be to contact a marketing agency that offers web design as part of their marketing mix.

Marketing agencies understand what it takes to design and develop a beautiful website that your prospects actually enjoy visiting.

They also understand the necessary elements to include on your webpages to turn your website from an expense into an investment.

(Your website should be capturing leads and generating revenue for your business.)

Stop Using WordPress Templates

I know WordPress is what everyone uses. (30% of the internet uses WP.)

But it's 2019..

Times change.

Why would you want to use a template that thousands of other businesses are using?

Your business is unique, & standing out from the crowd is essential for business success.

Companies like Wix offer a much more customizable experience without you having to be a coding expert.

It's what I used to design and create our company website. It really goes above and beyond for every feature you could possibly need.

..and you don't have to download plugins that slow down your site speed!

Keep It Simple

Reduce ALL unnecessary information.

You don’t want a page full of distracting, eye-straining information and pictures.

The idea is for it to be easy to digest.

Only include as much text that is necessary to get your point across. No fluff.

You don't want to bombard your viewers with every single little thing you do. Get straight to the point.

A business relationship is just like any other relationship. You want to build things slowly. You can tell them about the rest of your great benefits and features when they reach out to contact you!

I know you're great and have the best company in the world, but you don't want to smother them with every little detail until the time is right.

Information you should include:

  • Who you are

  • What you do

  • Why you do it.

  • Reviews are nice

Also, you also want to have 2 ways to contact your company on every page.

This increases the chance that a prospects eyes will land on a place where they can get in contact with you brand.

(THEN you can tell them about all that great stuff you offer.)

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