How We Ranked This Website in the Top #3 in Less than 90 Days

Pittsburgh businesses who want to get their brand and website in front of more prospects actively searching for what you offer need to take advantage of SEO. It's understood that over 75% of clicks go to the top 3 spots, making this the coveted position for all businesses.

However, it's not easy to get there. Your business needs true SEO professionals to help boost your search engine rank; in this post we break down how we got this website in the "3 Pack" in less than 90 days. (Just over 60, actually.) What you'll learn:

  • How Your Pittsburgh Business Can Improve It's Search Engine Rank

  • How to Select the Right Keywords for your desired outcome

  • Why right now is the best time to go after SEO.

How Your Pittsburgh Businesses Can Improve Its Search Engine Ranking

The most important aspect of any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign is strategy. You need to get inside your ideal prospects head and understand not only what they're searching for, but why they're searching for it.

By understanding the intention behind different search terms—you can tailor your website's content to that specific mindset. Matching the message with the thought process will lead to increased engagement and more time spent on the page.

  • Why is this important? Major search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing have shifted their algorithms to favor the time spent on the page since, this indicates the content is useful.

You have to remember, marketing is about people. Sure there are technical aspects to Search Engine Optimization, but if you aren't engaging with the end user, you're wasting your limited resources.

Boost SEO Rank Pittsburgh
How to Select the Right Keyword for Your Pittsburgh SEO

How to Select the Right Keywords for Your Desired Outcome

We touched on this briefly in a blog a few days ago (Ultimate Roofing SEO Secrets) but didn't go into much detail. We're going to elaborate a bit more here.

We commonly see businesses try ranking for keywords that have no purchase intent behind them. While ranking for keywords can bring your site more traffic, you want to be sure the keywords you're ranking for have purchase intent behind them.

Example) If you own a real estate firm, you may think you want to rank for "homes in Pittsburgh." This seems like the right thing to do, since after all, you are trying to attract people looking for homes.


The world is full of tire-kickers. Just because someone is searching for homes in Pittsburgh doesn't mean they really want to buy. A better way to approach this is to rank for "Best Real Estate Agents in Pittsburgh." This has a much higher purchase intent, since the person is actively pursuing a real estate agent. The traffic you attract will have a different intent, opposed to someone "just browsing."

Another—better—keyword/phrase to go after would be "What do I do after I've been pre-approved?" You can assume these people are either a.) pre-approved or b.) moving through the purchase-decision process.

As with anything in life, quality > quantity. ....& best Search Engine Optimization agencies in Pittsburgh know SEO is like a fine wine.

It gets better with age.

Check out Google Keyword Planner to find the best keywords to boost your search engine ranking.

Why Right Now is the Best Time for Pittsburgh Business to Go After SEO
Why Right Now is the Best Time for Pittsburgh Business to Go After SEO

Why Right Now is the Best Time to Go After SEO

Everyone in their brother (and sister) is running ads online. Inexperienced marketers are driving up the costs by running ads, regardless if they work or not. This cuts into your profits. Without exclusive AI technology (like we have) you're going to pay market price for your ads. (97% more expensive than ours)

When costs go up, profits go down. Not only are ad costs going up, but there is much less attention on Pittsburgh SEO. You should always look for where your marketing dollars are going to take you furthest.

Right now, that's SEO.

Now for the real question.... Does it work?

Well, by following the steps mentioned above we were able to rank our client's website in the top 3 in less than 90 days. Just over 60 actually. Smart & experienced marketers know if you do the same thing as everyone else, you're going to get the same results as everyone else. That's no way to grow a business. By analyzing the digital landscape, creating a strategy, and following our proven methods to growing your business digitally, we were able to achieve great results in an unheard of timeframe. If your Pittsburgh business wants to boost its search engine ranking, hire a Pittsburgh SEO Agency like Churchill Consultations. Our experienced digital marketing professionals know what it takes to win online.

Get a Free SEO Consultation by Clicking Here. We'll give you a free audit, and a few tips on how to improve your search engine ranking.

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