Insider Secrets to RE Marketing: How Realtors Can Use A.I. to Get 4-10 Additional Listings Per Month

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

By now you've tried running ads on Facebook, and one of the following things have likely happened:

1.) You've generated leads, but 97% are low quality, and aren't even in your target audience.

2.) You've generated 0 leads.

You keep dumping money into the system hoping something comes through the pipeline, but deep inside you know something is terribly, terribly wrong.

Facebook used to be great for both residential and commercial realtors, until Facebook implemented targeting restrictions due to redline laws.

This means real estate professionals can no longer target using the options Facebook provides for practically every other industry. (Not cool.)

They force you to run ads based on a geographic area, and that's it.


You're forced to advertise to the haystack, and hope (pray) to find a needle. Not only that, but there is a fundamental flaw in the way realtors advertise....

& if you really want to see an ROI—here's something both residential and commercial realtors/brokers need to consider...

—I'm going to break down why your ads aren't working, and how once you fix these problems you'll see an immediate boost in quality, conversion, and get an additional 4-10 clients per month.

Let's start with the ads first.

Many realtors are focused on what they want... They'll post ads of their mugshot or available properties, instructing prospects to contact them to list their home/come to an open house. While this may seem like the thing to do, these ads provide nothing of value.

No tangible benefit to a prospect contacting them....

...and there are 200 other people in your city that sell properties, too, running the exact same ads.

  • Where's the value proposition?

  • Where's the meaningful differentiation?

To successfully run advertisements online, or advertisements in general, you have to differentiate yourself.

You have answer the question "Why should I buy from you?"

By providing a clear, tangible benefit to working with you vs. your competitors, you will see a dramatic uplift in your conversions and get better results based on this advice alone...

At Churchill Consultations, we like to do things a bit differently... We all know if you want to get different results, you can't do the same thing as everyone else. You need to be different.. So we've flipped the script, and use behavioral psychology to help you get inside the mind of your audience and figure out what THEY want.

This is how you win in today's world.

After you figure out how to connect with your target audience based on what they want and value, you then have to walk your prospects through the 6 steps in the decision-making process, showing them you're the best fit for their needs.

(Best achieved through educating your prospects.)

—As a professional, when you're the company educating a prospect about a problem, you gain frame control and direct the conversation.

You control how they see the problem—therefore the solution.

Thinking about what your customer wants and values, and communicating value in a way that creates a connection will separate yourself from your competition on that basis alone. By helping prospects solve their problems with your ads, educating them, and distinguishing yourself through a powerful value proposition, you will gain an advantage in your marketplace.

This is how realtors should be marketing themselves through Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, Instagram.....

Simple enough, right?

Now that you understand how a successful Facebook ad campaign (or any ad campaign) should be set up, let's talk about how we use Artificial Intelligence to widen the moat between our clients and their competition..

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Real Estate

In today's world, all sales start online, okay? (Over 90%)

People get online to research their problems, because when someone understands their problem, they're better educated on what the best solution is.

This consumer-end-research typically starts in the form of a Google search:


  • "How do I sell my house"

  • "What to do when looking to buy a home?"

  • "How do I get pre-approved?"

  • "Best realtors near me"

etc, etc..

These people will read blogs, forums, and online content to understand the following things:

  • What is my problem?

  • How big is my problem?

  • How do I solve my problem?

  • What are the alternatives?

They'll navigate to different websites of realtors and brokerages in their area to compare, and begin formulating who they think can solve their problem the best, or at least as they understand it.

They may then go to Zillow, HomeAdvisor, and continue researching until they've found a solution.

just like you do when you have a problem.

These are the behaviors people display when they're actively pursuing a sale or purchase of real estate, and once you understand this you can leverage it to your advantage.

Now ask yourself, what if you had the ability to find these people actively researching what you sell, and target them specifically, in real time? Not the haystack, but the needles...

Do you think your ads would perform better?

If you had the ability to identify people with money in their hands saying "I want to buy now," do you think you'd achieve better results?

(You will.)

If you can focus your advertising budget on the 3% of the market who is actively pursuing what you sell, and eliminate the 97% who aren't even thinking about buying or selling, your ads will run 97% cheaper...

You eliminate they haystack, and focus on the needles...

& at Churchill Consultations, that's exactly what we do....