How Realtors Can Use A.I. to Gain 4-10 Additional Listings Per Month

How Realtors Can Use A.I. to Gain 4-10 Additional Listings Per Month

By now you've ran ads on Facebook and the following things have happened:

1.) You've generated leads, but most are low quality.

2.) You've generated 0 leads.

You keep dumping money into the system hoping something comes through the pipeline, but deep inside you know something is missing.

If you really want an ROI—serious mula—consider this.

I'm going to break down why your ads aren't working, and how once you fix this you can leverage our Machine Learning to gain 4-10 additional clients per month.

Let's talk about the ads first.

Many realtors are focused on what they want, and post ads of their picture instructing prospects to contact them to sell their home. They provide nothing of value.

No tangible benefit to contacting them.

...and 200 other people in your city sell houses too.

Where's the value proposition?

Where's the meaningful differentiation?

To successfully differentiate yourself, you have to educate and nurture.

You have answer the question "Why should I buy from you?"

By providing a clear, tangible benefit to working with you vs. your competitors, you will see a dramatic uplift in your conversions and get better results based on this alone.

We use behavioral psychology to get inside the mind of your audience and figure out what THEY want. This is how you will win in today's world.

You have to walk your prospects through a thought-process that shows them you're the best fit for their needs, which is best achieved through education.

As a professional, when you're the company educating a prospect about a problem, you gain frame control and direct the conversation.

You control how they see the problem—therefore the solution.

Thinking about what your customer wants and values will separate yourself from your competition alone. By helping prospects solve their problems with your ads, educating them, and distinguishing yourself through a powerful value proposition, you will gain an advantage in your marketplace.

This is how realtors should be marketing themselves through Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, name it.

Now that you understand how a successful Facebook ad campaign should be set up, let's talk about how we use Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

In today's world, all sales start online, okay?

People get online to research their problems, because when someone understands their problem, they can find the best solution for their needs.

This research typically starts in the form of a Google search:

  • "How to sell your house"

  • "Best realtors near me"


These people will read blogs, forums, and online content to understand the following things:

  • What is my problem?

  • How big is my problem?

  • What are my options?

  • Are their alternatives?

They'll navigate to different websites of realtors and real estate companies in their area to compare.

They may then go to Zillow, HomeAdvisor, and continue researching until they've found a solution.

—just like you do when you have a problem.

These are the behaviors people display when they're actively pursuing a sale or purchase of real estate, and once you understand this you can leverage it to your advantage.

Now ask yourself, what if you had the ability to find these people?

...the 3% of the market who is actively pursuing exactly what you sell, in real time?

Do you think your ads would perform better?

If you had the ability to identify people with money in their hands saying "I want to buy now," do you think you'd achieve better results?

You will.

Your ads will run 97% cheaper.

At Churchill Consultations, we use pattern recognition Machine Learning to identify the prospects who are actively pursuing what you offer—the 3% of the market who is sales ready.

When we eliminate 97% of the market, your ad costs drop by the same amount.

Real estate is competitive, and being able to run your ads 97% cheaper than everyone else is an unfair advantage by itself....and it gets better.

Your CPA will drop 25-75%.

We analyze over 50B pieces of data every single day, and we know what is going on all across the US.

This enables us to tell you what will happen with your campaign results beforehand. We can bring you seller leads for $15-35 with absolute certainty.

If you spend $5,000 with us, you get between 100-43 of the highest quality leads possible, and a conversion rate of 10%.

Thats 4-10 additional listings every single month.

There is no marketing to the haystack anymore.

We market to needles.

And only needles.

At a 75% lower cost per acquisition, that's 4 customer for the price of 1.


Quick Recap

If you want to improve the effectiveness of your ads and stop burning cash, you need to provide value and educate your prospects about their problem. We use behavioral psychology to get inside the head of your prospects and figure out what they want, and we give it to them through marketing and advertising campaigns. This increases trust, credibility, and social equity with your prospects. We develop a strong, differentiating value proposition that answers the question "Why should I buy from you?"

We then pair these hyper-focused advertising campaigns with our pattern recognition Machine Learning to identify prospects who are sales ready, decrease your ad costs by 97%, and acquisition costs up to 75%.

For $5,000 that is 4-10 additional listings, with absolute certainty, every single month.

If you'd like to learn more about our technology, visit our Youtube Channel and you can watch videos that break down how it works and how we make your business more profitable in the short and long-term.

If you'd like to speak with us directly, or a discounted 30 day trial (upon qualification) contact us here.


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