I consider myself incredibly fortunate, and it's all because of my parents. Throughout my entire life they told my siblings and I that we could be whatever we wanted, and nothing was off-limits or out of reach as long as we worked hard and did our best. This sounds cliché, but not many grow up in this sort of nurturing environment.


Everything this company stands for is a direct representation of the values and beliefs that they taught us. It wasn't until later in life that I came to truly appreciate the sacrifices they made for us.

From day one my mother would tell us that if we're going to do anything in life, make sure it's something to help the world; this has left a permanent impression on me and is the exact reason I founded this company. Our core values are to help our clients and provide a service that is second-to-none, because when we help our clients, we also help their families, our communities, and those that live within them.

I truly believe as a business we have a social responsibility. Businesses have access to resources that others do not, and people depend on us to make the best use of these resources. We do our part by donating to clean ocean initiatives, and may begin our own environmental venture down the road.

As humans, we all have the desire to help each other and do our part. To be able to contribute in a way that is meaningful to us, is the ultimate reward.

For that I am forever grateful.