Our understanding of what influences a decision and our Artificial Intelligence software allows us to create more meaningful messages, reduce acquisition costs, and increase the impact of your marketing. 

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You need experienced digital marketing professionals to take your business to the next level. We are a digital marketing agency based in Pittsburgh, PA, and specialize in PPC Campaign Management, SEO, Web Design, and Marketing Consulting. Churchill Consultations combines behavioral psychology, Artificial Intelligence, and leading marketing strategies to reduce ad costs by 97%, reduce acquisition costs up to 75%, and consistently grow your revenue. 

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Drive Valuable Actions

Our clients don't have a dollar to waste. With our exclusive technology, we successfully eliminate wasted ad budgets, reduce acquisition costs, and provide our clients with a sustainable competitive advantage.

97% reduction in ad costs

25-75% reduction in acquisition costs

Breakthrough Results

Most marketing agencies focus on the company; we focus on the customer. We use behavioral psychology to strengthen your message, value proposition, and overcome psychological roadblocks in your customers journey. 

Conversion Marketing

Value Proposition 

Customer Research 

Customer Journey Analysis

Continual Improvement

Adequacy is the enemy of excellence. We are constantly in search of a better result for our clients, and are always testing, improving, optimizing our strategies for maximum ROI. 

A/B Testing

A.I. Optimization 

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